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4CA - Ameland State - 1

Apartment for up to 4 people. This 4CA accommodation with two bedrooms, is ±60m² and is located on Ameland State in Nes. The kitchen is equipped with refrigerator, freezer compartment, coffee machine, water boiler, dishwasher and combi microwave, among other things.

Beach Apartments Ameland State
Set amidst beautiful nature, the holiday resort Ameland State boasts 85 spacious apartments. Located just 100 meters from the sea, it promises unforgettable family memories. Additionally, just 1,500 meters away, you'll find the picturesque, historic village of Nes, which feels like a living postcard.

At Ameland State, it's all about relaxation and embracing Mother Nature. The limited park facilities ensure the tranquillity and serenity of the environment. There's a playground for the little ones to play and have fun. Whether you're part of a young family or an active senior, Ameland State is the perfect place to completely unwind.

The beach is approximately 100 metre from the resort, about 2 minutes walk.

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Ameland State
Strandweg 51, Nes-Ameland
tel. +31 519 546 200 
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