Sailing on the Wadden Sea

Sailing on the Wadden SeaSailing on the Wadden Sea

Holland Sail offers multi-day sailing trips on the IJsselmeer and the Wadden Sea. This is especially for groups of 12-48 people on board ships of the oldest historical sailing fleet in the world. The fleet consists of no less than 29 ships. Holland Sail's ships have an open and relaxed atmosphere. Holland Sail's strength lies in the expertise of the ...

Holland Sail
Stationsplein 3, Enkhuizen
tel. +31 228 312 133
web. Website
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Pietje Miedeweg

Pietje MiedewegPietje Miedeweg

On the Cheese farm Ameland you can see how cheese and ice cream is made the traditional way, with almost all the ingredients coming from our beautiful island. Aside from selling delicious cheese, ice cream and great accessories Cheese farm Ameland gives you the opportunity to see where the cheese is made and ...

Pietje Miedeweg 6, Hollum
web. Website
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Scenic Flights

Scenic FlightsScenic Flights

Flying is one of the most enjoyable experiences. Take a scenic flight tour, or treat your family, friends or colleagues to a flight over their own vacation spot or hometown. As you enjoy the fantastic view, the discovery of the familiar locations in your own living area will certainly cause many amazing reactions from you and your fellow passengers. You can decide the route yourself, as long ...

Aero Service Ameland
G.Kosterweg 11, Ballum, Ameland
tel. +31 519 554 644
web. Website
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Rescue Museum Abraham Fock

Rescue Museum Abraham FockRescue Museum Abraham Fock

Navigate through the museum and through time using stars, compasses and coastlines. Take part in a real rescue operation, relive the bygone time in the old Commission Room and listen to special (captains) stories. Test your maritime knowledge on the displays, get into the world of radio transmissions and communicate yourself, in short; the Maritime Center is an experience for ...

Oranjeweg 18, Hollum
tel. +31 519 554 243
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Seal tours

Seal toursSeal tours

Along the way the skipper will tell you what causes the tidal movements, and keeps you informed of what else is there to see. When the seal island is closely approached it's announced that there has to be silence on board, and even the engines will run with less noise in order to see the seals from up close. After this beautiful moment the estuary is crossed ...

Kêkelburen 3, Hollum-Ameland
tel. +31 519 554 600
web. Website
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Het nieuwe centrum combineert opdoen van kennis op een aantrekkelijke manier met ervaren en beleven. Hier word je op een spectaculaire wijze meegenomen op reis door de Amelander natuur, ben je getuige van het ontstaan van het waddengebied en voel je je betrokken bij de inspanningen die nodig zijn om het eiland te behouden. Het ...

Strandweg 38, Nes, Ameland
tel. +31 519 542 737
web. Website
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Cultural and historical museum Sorgdrager

Cultural and historical museum SorgdragerCultural and historical museum Sorgdrager

When people live for centuries on an isolated island such as Ameland, a whole unique culture emerges. What that exactly entails, and how the islanders have lived together throughout the centuries can be discovered in and around the cultural/historical museum called 'Sorgdrager'. Once many commanders lived on ...

Cultuur-historisch museum Sorgdrager
Herenweg 1, Hollum
tel. +31 519 554 477
web. Website
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Ontdenk het landschap en de natuur van Ameland met de Strandexpress. Naar natuurgebied het Oerd en de Hôn, de meest oostelijke punt van het eiland. Met uitleg van de Amelander gids over het unieke gebied met schitterend weids uitzicht. De Strandexpress is in de zomer koel en in de winter verwarmd voor een comfortabele strandrit. Hoe ...

Swimming Pool de Golfslag

Swimming Pool de GolfslagSwimming Pool de Golfslag

Swimming pool "de Golfslag" is on holiday park Klein Vaarwater on Ameland. It is accessible for everyone , not only for the guests of the park. The swimming pool has a recreation bath of 25 meters and a paddling pool. There is also a waterslide of 40 meters is long, these end up in separate pool. In the summer period you can use the outside terrace. ...

Zwembad de Golfslag
Klein Vaarwaterweg 14, Buren, Ameland
tel. +31 519 542 156
web. Website
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Golf course Ameland

Golf course AmelandGolf course Ameland

Golf is possible for everyone on Ameland. On our par 3 golf course everyone is welcome to play golf. Because there are no requirements regarding playing on this course (no handicap and / or course permission), it is possible for everyone to learn golf in an active way. But also more advanced players can practice and improve their short game on this ...

Golfbaan Ameland
Oosterhiemweg 20, Hollum, Ameland
tel. +31 519 554 219
web. Website
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Marina 't Leyegat Ameland

Marina 't Leyegat Ameland

This marina is located around the former old dock, on the east side of the ferry jetty. The marina is open from the 1st of April till the 1st of November. It is a tidal harbor, and the tidal range averages about 2.25 m here. At high tide the harbor has (avg.1,00 sea level) has an average depth in the basin and around the Jetty of 4 meters. During low tide (avg. 1,25- sea level) there is an ...

Oude Steiger 3, NES AMELAND
tel. 051 954 215 9
web. Website
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Waddenhop-boot De Zeehond

Waddenhop-boot De ZeehondWaddenhop-boot De Zeehond

Aan boord van Robbenboot de "Zeehond" zeehonden kijken op de waddenzee. Het in 1996 in de vaart gebrachte passagiersschip "Zeehond" heeft een ruime en warm aangeklede salon waar een gemoedelijke sfeer heerst en waar u ook bij minder mooi weer door de grote panoramaruiten vanaf iedere plaats een riant uitzicht over het wad heeft. Het royale zonnedek is afsluitbaar door middel van een schuifdak ...

De Zeehond, Nes, Ameland
tel. +31 519 554 600
web. Website
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Agricultural and beachcombers museum Swartwoude

Agricultural and beachcombers museum SwartwoudeAgricultural and beachcombers museum Swartwoude

This exhibition area has an agricultural and a beachcombers section. Various aspects of the agriculture on Ameland is highlighted in the agricultural section. With interactive elements you can relive the history of the agriculture of Ameland. The farmers on the island rarely practiced only the farmer ...

Hoofdweg 1, Buren
tel. +31 519 542 845
web. Website
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Corn and mustard mill De Verwachting

Corn and mustard mill De VerwachtingCorn and mustard mill De Verwachting

Tower mill 'De Verwachting' stands on the place where the old corn mill 'De Verwachting' once stood in 1840-1949. The mill was rebuilt in 1988. The flour is ground and mustard is made on set times in this 100 year old mill. Millers and mustard makers provide you with detailed explanation of the craft, and as a visitor you are more than welcome to attend one of these demonstrations. The mill ...

Molenweg, Hollum
tel. +31 519 542 737
web. Website
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Nobels Nostalgisch Museum

Nobels Nostalgisch MuseumNobels Nostalgisch Museum

On a beautiful place behind the branch of Bike rental Nobel in Ballum (Ameland) the beautiful collection of Tjeerd Nobel is displayed in a cosy museum with a nostalgic look: antique automobiles, antique motor bikes, historic shop interiors, fashion, bikes, musical instruments and household goods from days long gone.

Camminghastraat 20, Ballum
tel. +31 653 757 420
web. Website
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Corn Mill De Phenix

Corn Mill De PhenixCorn Mill De Phenix

Around the site of the present mill there have been mills since 1629. However, the mills in this location know an unfortunate history. On New Year's Eve 1833, a predecessor of the Phenix was blown over, and in 1880 mill De Hoop (of Peter Boelens) burned down after lightning struck it. The Phenix, risen from the ashes, is the successor of the mill De Hoop. The mill turns every other two weeks. ...

Molenweg, Nes
tel. +31 519 542 737
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Lighthouse Bornrif Ameland

Lighthouse Bornrif AmelandLighthouse Bornrif Ameland

Bornrif is the unofficial name of the lighthouse at Hollum in Ameland. The lighthouse was built in 1880, commissioned by King William III. After World War II there was a new, less bright, light on the tower. This tower then got the nickname: twilight lamp. In 1952, a new stronger light was placed, this light is 4,400,000 candlepower. The lighthouse is 55 meters high ...

Oranjeweg, Hollum, Ameland
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Swimming Pool de Schalken

Swimming Pool de Schalken

Swimming warmly outdoors in the fresh open air? Come enjoy outdoor pool 'De Schalken'! With three large pools and plenty of room to sunbathe in peace, or just to play, we offer swimming fun for everyone. • 25 meter pool with jumping board • shallow play pool / teaching pool • toddler pool • 35 meter long slide The pool is open each year from mid-May till mid-September. The ...

Zwembad de Schalken
Strandweg 20, Ballum, Ameland
tel. +31 519 554 314
web. Website
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All five Dutch Frisian Islands are wonderful to visit. On Texel, Vlieland, Terschelling, Ameland and Schiermonnikoog you will always find the ...



What is a nicer way to enjoy the nature in the Wadden-region than by mudhiking? Strolling through the mud on a way to an island... It's dangerous to go on a mudhiking tour without a guide. There are 6 organizations that have mudhiking tours. They offer all kinds of tours on/over the Wadden Sea. These tours vary in length, time and heaviness. We wish you lots of fun on the Wadden Sea...

Kitesurfschool Antix

Hollum (strandpalen 3 en 4), Ameland
mob. +31 657 333 735
web. Website

Fietsverhuur Kiewiet Ameland

Oude Steiger 1, Nes, Ameland
tel. +31 519 542 130
web. Website

Beach Ameland

Westerpad 1A, strand, Nes Ameland
tel. +31 519 543 530
mob. +31 627 226 906
web. Website

De Robbenboot m.s. Ameland

Smitteweg 1a, Ballum Ameland
tel. +31 621 296 437
web. Website

Kite Ameland

Martenjanszenstraat 4, Nes, Ameland
mob. +31 610 888 501
web. Website

Ameland Adventure

Molenweg 7, Nes Ameland
mob. +31 612 930 357
web. Website

Aldok tweewielers Ameland

Jan Roepespad 4, Hollum
tel. 051 955 610 3
web. Website

Rijstal de Blinkert

Camminghastraat 13, Ballum, Ameland
tel. +31 633 879 043
web. Website

Rijpaardenverhuur 't Jutterspad

Bureweg 25, Nes, Ameland
tel. +31 519 542 871
mob. +31 651 369 459
web. Website

Rijstal le Cheval

Strandweg 14, Ballum, Ameland
tel. +31 519 554 509
mob. +31 613 844 400
web. Website

Luna kiteschool

Strand Nes (Lunakitebeach) paal 11.500, opgang westerpad bij Ameland Adventure, Nes, Ameland
mob. +31 651 319 040
web. Website

Fietsverhuur Metz

Strandweg 37, Buren, Ameland
tel. +31 519 542 417
web. Website

Visvijvers 't Nijlân

Gebr. Metz
Koeveldsweg 2, Buren, Ameland
tel. 031 (0) 519 543 740

Nederlands Hervormde Kerk

Van Camminghastraat, Ballum

Nessumer toren

Torenstraat, Nes - Ameland


Strandweg 21, Ballum-Ameland
tel. +31 519 554 880

Standbeeld Rixt van Oerd

Dorpsplein, Buren - Ameland

St. Clemenskerk

Kardinaal de Jongweg, Nes


Ballumerweg 23, Nes Ameland