Always pleasant Ameland


Ameland is the fourth inhabited Dutch Wadden Island. On Ameland one finds beautiful natural surroundings: dunes, large white beaches, the Wadden Sea, and forests. The natural reserves of Oerd (an old, extensive system of dunes) and Hôn (high dunes with valleys and lakes), located in the eastern part of Ameland, are internationally renowned.


More than 90 kilometres of cycling path was built on Ameland. The cycling paths wind through forests and dunes, and you will pass pleasant towns such as Hollum, Nes, Buren and Ballum. You can rent bikes at or near almost every hotel and town. The towns themselves are designated monuments and there is much to do.



On Ameland, you will find sufficient space and freedom for an endlessly relaxing holiday. The 29 kilometres of beaches allow for more than a brisk walk. Is that not enough for you? Try going vertical. The view from atop the 24 metre tall Oerdblinkert, the tallest dune on the island, is unforgettable. The briny sea air stimulates the appetite. Fortunately, Ameland’s beaches are tailored to this. The four beach pavillions are open all year round.


On the north side of Ameland is a long beach. In most places, it is fairly narrow. There are four supervised beaches. They are located near the towns of Hollum, Ballum, Nes and Buren. To the north of Nes lies the recreational area called De Vleyen. This area offers room for aquatic sports, playgrounds, an old shipwreck and a subtropical swimming pool.



While walking the authentic cobblestone streets of Hollum, Ballum, Nes and Buren, you will see homes that once housed sea captains, which are designated as monuments and bring to mind the whaling of times past. The history of the island goes back hundreds of years. And it is precisely this history that lends Ameland its distinct character. The many monumental buildings define the towns’ personalities. One can readily indulge in the historical ambience, both literally and figuratively, for Ameland offers an exquisite dining experience. The many restaurants and cafes will gladly treat you to freshly caught fish and island specialties.



Do you like to be active? Then you have come to the right place on Ameland. You can go skydiving, sea fishing, walk the Wadden and canoe at sea. The seal watching trip is also worth taking. A boatman will take you to the spot where seals like to rest. You will be able to see them up close!


A visit to Ameland is not complete without a trip to the lighthouse. The 59 metre tall lighthouse has stood near Hollum since 1880. You can climb the tower. Once you reach the top, you will be treated to a view of the Wadden Sea and the North Sea, the town and a large portion of the island. Between this location in the west and the eastern end of Ameland, 90 kilometres of bicycle paths beckon. So get on that bike and pedal. The extensive network of hiking paths is also suitable for exploring the island. If you follow the beach road from Nes to the north, you will encounter Ameland’s nature centre. Inside, you can check out the natural museum, an exposition on the North Sea and a large sea aquarium.

Other attractions on Ameland are the cultural-historical museum Sorgdrager, the windmill called ‘De Verwachting’, rescue musem ‘Abraham Fock’, the Kaasboerderij, the Korenmolen and the agriculture and beachcombing museum Swartwoude.

Ameland in numbers

57,5 km²
Length max.:
23,9 km
Width max.:
5,3 km
Highest point:
NAP +24 m; Oerdblinkert
Beach length:
27 km
Biking Trails:
90 km


The local deer have it made. The fact that these animals live only on Ameland and not on the other Wadden Islands speaks volumes. The island’s nature is untouched, rugged and varied. One minute you’re walking across the Wadden and along the marshes and dunes, and the next moment you’re overlooking the forests, moorlands and meadows. Each dune on Ameland has its own story. Some are centuries old, like the Oerd, a beautiful system of dunes with high tops and humid valleys. Others are subject to daily change, such as De Hon, a vast sandy plain with young dunes and a large marsh.