Wadden Islands


In the North of the Netherlands a unique nature reserve is situated, the Wadden area. The five populated Frisian Islands Texel, Vlieland, Terschelling, Ameland and Schiermonnikoog are, together with Rottumeroog, shaped as a graceful arch between Den Helder and the estuary of the Eems River.


The Frisian Islands are situated as an elegant arch before the coast line. Between the islands and the coast is the Wadden Sea, a nature reserve of international significance. The overwhelming nature, the continuous changeable skies and the unique islandic feeling are bringing annual hundred of thousands visitors to the Frisian Islands. The carfree Vlieland, the smallest Frisian Island, is synonymous for serenity. Terschelling is combining nature with culture. At Ameland the typical islandic atmosphere is been kept very well. And at the also carfree Schiermonnikoog, the second smallest Frisian Island, nature is crucial. The Islands have at the North Sea side large beaches, partly wooded dunes and sand plains. At the Wadden coast we find the villages, the polders and the salt marshes.


The Islands are because of the variation in landscapes - beach, dunes, salt marshes, woods and large sandbanks - ideal for a perfect day at the bike or on foot in the fresh air . Besides the sea is never far away. The villages are offering a pleasant combination of island life, culture and recreation. The visitors centers will introduce the Islands to you in no time and they organize tours with skilled guides all across over the island.

Just as in the Wadden Sea there is plenty of life at the five Frisian Islands. Except of lots of nature there are also other ways of entertainment: culture, sports and cosy terraces. At all islands you could find calmness and space, beach and dunes, gorgeous animal and floral life, and the wide sky and miles of far-away views over the North Sea and the Wadden Sea. But next to this Texel, Vlieland, Terschelling, Ameland and Schiermonnikoog all have their own features and points of interest. And if can’t decide which island you would like to see .. the excellent ferryboat connections are letting you easily ‘hopping’ from one island to the others.



The Islands could be reached by the marvellous provinces of Friesland, North-Holland and Groningen.

If you want to go to Texel, travel through the province of Noord-Holland just until the harbour of Den Helder. This province is offering more than just the city of Amsterdam. Cities, like Haarlem, Schagen and Volendam are a visit worth. The same counts for the Beemster Polder and the Defence Line of Amsterdam.

If you would like to visit Terschelling, Vlieland and Ameland, you’ll travel across the province of Friesland just until the harbours of Harlingen or Holwerd. This province has a multitude of water, culture and a rich history. Known are the eleven cities. These cities can be visited all year long. And what about water? The Frisian lakes are undisputed for aquatic sports lovers.

If you want to go to Schiermonnikoog, than you ‘ll travel across the province of Groningen just to the harbour of Lauwersoog. The province of Groningen is much more than just the cosy city of Groningen, the center of the Northern Part of the Netherlands. There are many beautiful villages, the nice recreational area the Blauwe Stad is located nearby the surroundings of Winschoten and in the Southeast of the province you could find marvellous forests. And don’t forget the seal nursery at Pieterburen.