With kids on Ameland

Are you a parent, grandparent or babysitter? Ameland is also ideal for children! On the beach there is no family that is bored. Every child enjoys searching for shells, swimming in the sea, catching crabs or shrimps, playing ball games, kite flying and building sandcastles.

However, if you want to do something different with the children, it is not difficult to put together a nice program. Ameland offers for children both fun, crazy, educational, exciting and fascinating attractions. Children have a good time and often learn something from it. The list below is filled with some nice tips for what to do and see. They are suitable for children of all ages. Whether the children are toddlers or teenagers.

Top 6 for children

Lighthouse Bornrif Ameland

Bornrif is the unofficial name of the lighthouse at Hollum in Ameland. The lighthouse was built ...


Het nieuwe centrum combineert opdoen van kennis op een aantrekkelijke manier met ervaren en beleven. Hier word je op een ...

Seal tours

Along the way the skipper will tell you what causes the tidal movements, and keeps you ...

Swimming Pool de Golfslag

Swimming pool "de Golfslag" is on holiday park Klein Vaarwater on Ameland. It is ...

Corn and mustard mill De Verwachting

Tower mill 'De Verwachting' stands on the place where the old corn mill 'De Verwachting' once stood in 1840-1949. The ...

Agricultural and beachcombers museum Swartwoude

This exhibition area has an agricultural and a beachcombers section. Various aspects of the agriculture on ...