Sailing on the Wadden Sea

Holland Sail offers multi-day sailing trips on the IJsselmeer and the Wadden Sea. This is especially for groups of 12-48 people on board ships of the oldest historical sailing fleet in the world. The fleet consists of no less than 29 ships. Holland Sail's ships have an open and relaxed atmosphere. Holland Sail's strength lies in the expertise of the ...

Holland Sail
Stationsplein 3, Enkhuizen
tel. +31 228 312 133
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Swimming Pool de Schalken

Swimming warmly outdoors in the fresh open air? Come enjoy outdoor pool 'De Schalken'! With three large pools and plenty of room to sunbathe in peace, or just to play, we offer swimming fun for everyone. • 25 meter pool with jumping board • shallow play pool / teaching pool • toddler pool • 35 meter long slide The pool is open each year from mid-May till mid-September. The ...

Zwembad de Schalken
Strandweg 20, Ballum, Ameland
tel. +31 519 554 314
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Swimming Pool de Golfslag

Swimming pool "de Golfslag" is on holiday park Klein Vaarwater on Ameland. It is accessible for everyone , not only for the guests of the park. The swimming pool has a recreation bath of 25 meters and a paddling pool. There is also a waterslide of 40 meters is long, these end up in separate pool. In the summer period you can use the outside terrace. ...

Zwembad de Golfslag
Klein Vaarwaterweg 14, Buren, Ameland
tel. +31 519 542 156
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Golf course Ameland

Golf is possible for everyone on Ameland. On our par 3 golf course everyone is welcome to play golf. Because there are no requirements regarding playing on this course (no handicap and / or course permission), it is possible for everyone to learn golf in an active way. But also more advanced players can practice and improve their short game on this ...

Golfbaan Ameland
Oosterhiemweg 20, Hollum, Ameland
tel. +31 519 554 219
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What is a nicer way to enjoy the nature in the Wadden-region than by mudhiking? Strolling through the mud on a way to an island... It's dangerous to go on a mudhiking tour without a guide. There are 6 organizations that have mudhiking tours. They offer all kinds of tours on/over the Wadden Sea. These tours vary in length, time and heaviness. We wish you lots of fun on the Wadden Sea...

Kitesurfschool Antix

Hollum (strandpalen 3 en 4), Ameland
mob. +31 657 333 735
web. Website


Martenjanszenstraat 4, Nes, Ameland
mob. +31 651 814 918
web. Website

Beach Ameland

Westerpad 1A, strand, Nes Ameland
tel. +31 519 543 530
mob. +31 627 226 906
web. Website

Ameland Adventure

Molenweg 7, Nes Ameland
mob. +31 612 930 357
web. Website

Luna kiteschool

Strand Nes (Lunakitebeach) paal 11.500, opgang westerpad bij Ameland Adventure, Nes, Ameland
mob. +31 651 319 040
web. Website

Rijstal de Blinkert

Camminghastraat 13, Ballum, Ameland
tel. +31 633 879 043
web. Website

Aldok tweewielers Ameland

Jan Roepespad 4, Hollum
tel. 051 955 610 3
web. Website

Fietsverhuur Kiewiet Ameland

Oude Steiger 1, Nes, Ameland
tel. +31 519 542 130
web. Website

Rijstal le Cheval

Strandweg 14, Ballum, Ameland
tel. +31 519 554 509
mob. +31 613 844 400
web. Website

Fietsverhuur Metz

Strandweg 37, Buren, Ameland
tel. +31 519 542 417
web. Website