Cross Triathlon 2025


The vast natural beauty of Ameland provides the perfect backdrop for one of the Netherlands' most challenging and thrilling sporting events: the Cross Triathlon Ameland. This annual event attracts athletes and spectators from across the country and beyond to the picturesque Wadden island for a unique combination of swimming, mountain biking, and running.

A Natural Challenge

What makes the Cross Triathlon on Ameland so special is its rugged terrain. Participants plunge into the cool waters of the Wadden Sea, cycle across sandy dune paths and challenging woodlands, and run along the expansive beach. The varying landscape and unpredictable weather conditions make this an ultimate test of endurance and agility.

Various Distances for Every Athlete

Whether you're an experienced triathlete or embarking on this adventure for the first time, the Cross Triathlon Ameland offers different distances to participate in. Each distance provides a unique opportunity to experience the diversity of Ameland's terrain.

For Spectators and Supporters

In addition to the sporting aspect, the event is also a true spectacle for spectators. With the scenic backdrop of Ameland and the inspiring performances of the participants, there's plenty to see and experience. Moreover, there are various spots along the route where supporters can cheer on the athletes.