Mill de Phenix

Mill de Phenix - 1 Mill de Phenix (June 2015) - #2

A historic and iconic windmill located on the beautiful island Ameland. This mill is not only an important part of the local history but also an active part of the community, with a story dating back to the 17th century.

What can you expect at Phenix Mill on Ameland?

History, traditional mill, and natural beauty

Experience traditional Dutch mill craftsmanship and enjoy the beautiful nature of Ameland when visiting Phenix Mill. This mill not only tells a story of historical resilience and reconstruction but is also a wonderful symbol of the rich mill culture in the Netherlands.

Experience a unique piece of Dutch history and culture at Phenix Mill on Ameland!

Furthermore Mill de Phenix is near the following sights: Ameland Nature Center (±300 m), Marina Ameland (±1,1 km), Agriculture and Beachcombing Museum Swartwoude (±1,5 km), Seal Boat De Zeehond (±1,6 km) & Swimming Pool De Golfslag (±2,1 km).

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