Demonstration horse-driven lifeboat 2017

February until December

During the demonstration of the horse-driven lifeboat on Ameland ten tough horses pull the lifeboat across the beach and through the breaking of the sea with massive force.

The demonstration of the horse-driven lifeboat is a happening that reminds of the old days, because when a ship is in need, the modern schip sails from the harbour with great speed nowadays.

The demonstration shows the long history of rescuing people from drowning and helping out ships in need near Ameland.

Zaterdag 10 juni: 11.00 uur
Woensdag 19 juli: 17.00 uur
Donderdag 3 augustus: 20.00 uur
Donderdag 17 augustus: 20.00 uur
Donderdag 31 augustus: 17.00 uur
Woensdag 13 september: 17.00 uur
Zaterdag 21 oktober: 11.00 uur
Woensdag 27 december: 14.00 uur

Dates and times are subject to change, by (inter alia) the weather conditions.

The demonstration starts from the boat house near the Maritime centre „Abraham Fock” at the Oranjeweg 18 in Hollum. The launchings takes place at the beach south/west of Hollum, end Tjettepad.

Location: Beach near Tjettepad in Hollum, Ameland


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