Seal Boat De Zeehond - Boat Trip

Seal Boat De Zeehond - 1 Seal Boat De Zeehond (January 2015) - #2

Discover the natural beauty of the Wadden Sea with an adventurous trip on the Seal Boat "De Zeehond" from Ameland. This unique experience will take you close to fascinating seal colonies and offer unparalleled views of the Wadden region.

What can you expect on the Seal Boat "De Zeehond"?

Sail with the Seal Boat "De Zeehond"

This trip is perfect for nature lovers of all ages and offers a unique way to experience the flora and fauna of the Wadden region.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to get up close with the Wadden Sea and its inhabitants. A trip on the Seal Boat "De Zeehond" is an unforgettable experience for the whole family.

Furthermore Seal Boat De Zeehond is near the following sights: Marina Ameland (±500 m), Mill de Phenix (±1,6 km), Ameland Nature Center (±1,9 km), Agriculture and Beachcombing Museum Swartwoude (±2,2 km) & Swimming Pool De Golfslag (±3,0 km).

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