Cheese Farm Ameland

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A picturesque destination where the most delicious Ameland cheeses and delightful ice cream are prepared with passion and craftsmanship.

What can you expect at Cheese Farm Ameland?

Taste Ameland

Cheese Farm Ameland offers a unique opportunity to experience the local cuisine and traditional production methods of the island.

Whether you're a cheese or ice cream enthusiast or simply looking for a unique local experience, Cheese Farm Ameland is the perfect place to discover the flavors and charm of the island.

Furthermore Cheese Farm Ameland is near the following sights: Seal Safari (±1,3 km), Sorgdrager Cultural History Museum (±1,5 km), Nobels Nostalgisch Museum (±1,7 km), Scenic Flights Ameland (±1,9 km) & Rescue Museum Abraham Fock (±1,9 km).

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Pietje Miedeweg 6, Hollum
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