Seal Safari - Boat Trip

Seal Safari - 1 Seal Safari (January 2012) - #2

Discover the fascinating world of the Wadden Sea and its inhabitants on a Seal Safari from Nes on Ameland. This special journey offers an unforgettable experience for nature lovers and adventurers.

What can you expect during the Seal Safari from Ameland?

An Unforgettable Nature Experience on Ameland

Don't miss this unique opportunity to experience the enchanting nature of the Wadden Sea and its inhabitants up close. Book your Seal Safari from Ameland and create memories you will never forget.

Furthermore Seal Safari is near the following sights: Sorgdrager Cultural History Museum (±200 m), Rescue Museum Abraham Fock (±650 m), Grain and mustard mill De Verwachting (±750 m), Golf course Ameland (±1,0 km) & Cheese Farm Ameland (±1,3 km).

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