Ameland Sturgeon Farm

A unique agricultural experience at the Ameland Sturgeon Farm on the beautiful island Ameland. This modern farm is one of the few in the Netherlands where sturgeon is bred, offering a fascinating glimpse into sustainable fishing and local agriculture.

What can you expect at the Ameland Sturgeon Farm?

Discover the world of sustainable fishing

The Ameland Sturgeon Farm offers a unique opportunity to learn more about sustainable fishing and experience the local culture of Ameland.

Whether you're a nature enthusiast, interested in sustainable agriculture, or simply looking for a unique experience on Ameland, the Ameland Sturgeon Farm is definitely worth a visit.

Furthermore Ameland Sturgeon Farm is near the following sights: Swimming Pool De Golfslag (±1,0 km), Agriculture and Beachcombing Museum Swartwoude (±1,5 km), Mill de Phenix (±2,9 km), Ameland Nature Center (±3,0 km) & Marina Ameland (±3,2 km).

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Koeveldsweg 2, Buren Ameland
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