Swimming Pool De Schalken

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A refreshing day filled with swimming fun at the De Schalken swimming pool, located at Roosduinen campsite in the picturesque village of Ballum on Ameland. The only public outdoor swimming pool on the island is a perfect destination for both locals and visitors.

What can you expect at the De Schalken swimming pool?

Discover the Joy of Outdoor Swimming

The De Schalken swimming pool offers a pleasant and relaxing environment, perfect for a summer day. Whether you're staying on Ameland or visiting the island, a day at the De Schalken swimming pool is a perfect way to enjoy water fun and relaxation.

Furthermore Swimming Pool De Schalken is near the following sights: Scenic Flights Ameland (±550 m), Nobels Nostalgisch Museum (±700 m), Cheese Farm Ameland (±2,4 km) & Seal Safari (±3,5 km).

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Strandweg 20, Ballum, Ameland
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