Swimming Pool de Schalken

Swimming Pool de Schalken - 1

Swimming warmly outdoors in the fresh open air? Come enjoy outdoor pool 'De Schalken'!

With three large pools and plenty of room to sunbathe in peace, or just to play, we offer swimming fun for everyone.

• 25 meter pool with jumping board
• shallow play pool / teaching pool
• toddler pool
• 35 meter long slide

The pool is open each year from mid-May till mid-September. The exact opening times can be found on the website.

Furthermore Swimming Pool de Schalken is near the following sights: Nobels Nostalgisch Museum (±700 m), Scenic Flights (±750 m) & Pietje Miedeweg (±2,4 km).

For information:

Zwembad de Schalken
Strandweg 20, Ballum, Ameland
tel. +31 519 554 314 
web. Website