Golf course Ameland

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Golf is possible for everyone on Ameland. On our par 3 golf course everyone is welcome to play golf. Because there are no requirements regarding playing on this course (no handicap and / or course permission), it is possible for everyone to learn golf in an active way. But also more advanced players can practice and improve their short game on this course.

The course consists of nine holes with a length ranging from 80 to 130 meters. Every hole is a challenge in itself, partly because of the strategically laid bunkers and water and the beautiful greens. Due to the open character of the course also the wind plays an important factor.

The nine-hole par-3 golf course is located next to the existing 9-hole Golf course Ameland (A-status, Golf certificate required). A big advantage is the fact that there's always a golf professional present who can teach you the basics of golf. You can also use the practice facilities, such as the driving range and putting green.

Furthermore Golf course Ameland is near the following sights: Wellness & Beauty Boomhiemke (±400 m), Rescue Museum Abraham Fock (±550 m), Corn and mustard mill De Verwachting (±900 m), Seal tours (±1,0 km) & Cultural and historical museum Sorgdrager (±1,0 km).

For information:

Golfbaan Ameland
Oosterhiemweg 20, Hollum, Ameland
tel. +31 519 554 219 
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