Lighthouses on Ameland

Lighthouse Bornrif Ameland

Lighthouse Bornrif Ameland

Bornrif is the unofficial name of the lighthouse at Hollum in Ameland. The lighthouse was built in 1880, commissioned by King William III. After World War II there was a new, less bright, light on the tower. This tower then got the nickname: twilight lamp. In 1952, a new stronger light was placed, this light is ...

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    Corn Mill De Phenix

    Corn Mill De Phenix

    Around the site of the present mill there have been mills since 1629. However, the mills in this location know an unfortunate history. On New Year's Eve 1833, a predecessor of the Phenix was blown over, and in 1880 mill De Hoop (of Peter Boelens) burned down after lightning struck it. The Phenix, risen from the ashes, is the successor of the ...

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      Corn and mustard mill De Verwachting

      Corn and mustard mill De Verwachting

      Tower mill 'De Verwachting' stands on the place where the old corn mill 'De Verwachting' once stood in 1840-1949. The mill was rebuilt in 1988. The flour is ground and mustard is made on set times in this 100 year old mill. Millers and mustard makers provide you with detailed explanation of the craft, and as a visitor you are more than ...

        Molenweg, Hollum
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        St. Clemenskerk

        Kardinaal de Jongweg, Nes

        Standbeeld Rixt van Oerd

        Dorpsplein, Buren - Ameland

        Nederlands Hervormde Kerk

        Van Camminghastraat, Ballum

        Nessumer toren

        Torenstraat, Nes - Ameland