Pietje Miedeweg - Farm

Pietje Miedeweg - 1 Pietje Miedeweg (June 2015) - #2

On the Cheese farm Ameland you can see how cheese and ice cream is made the traditional way, with almost all the ingredients coming from our beautiful island. Aside from selling delicious cheese, ice cream and great accessories Cheese farm Ameland gives you the opportunity to see where the cheese is made and how it's matured.

Do you know what the island tastes like already?
We hope to welcome you very soon in the Cheese and ice cream farm on Ameland, on the Pietje Miedeweg, exactly between Hollum and Ballum.

Furthermore Pietje Miedeweg is near the following sights: Seal tours (±1,3 km), Cultural and historical museum Sorgdrager (±1,5 km), Nobels Nostalgisch Museum (±1,7 km), Scenic Flights (±1,7 km) & Rescue Museum Abraham Fock (±1,9 km).

For information:

Pietje Miedeweg 6, Hollum
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